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Bubbles & Squeak
Kiki Dee
Miss Tical & Mister Tickle
Valentine & Clarabelle
Red Baron
Honky Cat
Miss T'Fy & Lemonade
Willy Wonka

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Be Kind to Animals Week starts October 1st!

Please join me in pledging to be kind to every kind from 1-7 October. You’ll get free kindness tips and plant-based recipes, plus go in the running to win a hamper.

Best of all, you’ll be helping to create a better world for our furred, feathered and finned friends!

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Miss T'Fy & Lemonade
Little Miss Sunshine
Kiki Dee
Miss Tical & Mister Tickle
Hope and Monique

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Posters, Flyers and Logos

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For Kids

Watch a virtual story time, learn more about animals, and get inspiration for parties and lunch boxes.

Virtual Storytimes

Inspiring animal rescue stories with Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary Founder, Pam Ahern, from her book The Gift of Kindness.

Fun Animal Facts

These colourful infographics from Open Sanctuary contain so much to learn about our animal friends! Click on an animal to view, or download the whole pack.
Download Alpacas
Download Chickens
Download Cows
Download Donkeys
Download Fish
Download Goats
Download Horses
Download Parrots
Download Pigs
Download Rabbits
Download Roosters
Download Sheep
Download Turkeys

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Behind the Scenes Infographics

These educational infographics from our friends at Voiceless delve into the realities faced by meat or ‘broiler’ chickens, and dolphins in captivity.
Chicken Meat - where does it come from?
Dolphins in Captivity

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Kind Food Tips for Kids

These lunch box and party food ideas from our friends at Vegan Easy are easy, healthy and delicious! And best of all, they don’t contain any animal products.
My son and I had an awesome week. We saved a bee and we picked up rubbish at the beach. That one week showed me what it is to be a decent human being, and that one week really shouldn't be any different from any other week for us.
The activities meant that I could have discussions and tasks to do with my children to raise the new generation of kind humans.