Because Life is Better with Kindness
Everyone loves animals
It’s easy to be kind
Being kind feels good

Join us for Be Kind to Animals Week: Oct 1-7 and help make the world kinder

Regardless of form, every being who treads, flies, or swims upon this earth wants, needs and deserves kindness. Take our fun pledge and receive inspiring tips and recipes in your inbox each day through the week, plus a free kindness postal pack.


Be Kind to all Animals

Why be Kind?

Because it’s good for you and the world! You know the warm glow you feel after an act of kindness? Scientific studies have shown that there are many benefits of doing good for the body and soul. Kindness boosts your serotonin levels, a chemical that makes you feel happy and calm.


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Kindness Tip of the Day

Kindness Tip of the Day – coming 1-7 October. Check back during Be Kind to Animals Week for great tips here! Or visit for simple steps to kindness.

Provide enrichment to your companion animals through playing games, providing toys, walking them, reading and talking to them. If you do not have an animal, ask a neighbour if you can share this kindness with their furred or feathered friend!

Helping local wildlife starts in our own backyard. Leave out water, and place sticks in it for insects to be able to escape. You can also plant a native tree, or create a pollinator garden to provide a habitat for local wildlife and bees.

Support your favourite animal charity by donating, fundraising, volunteering or sharing their social media posts to help them spread the word.

Organise a local beach, park or waterway clean-up to help marine life and wildlife.

Eat kind by dining on delicious plant-based meals. Cutting out animal products like meat, dairy and eggs is easier than you might think! Visit for simple recipe ideas.

Shop kind by not buying clothes, cosmetics or items that use or test on animals.

Foster or adopt an animal in need from a shelter or sanctuary.



From athletes to animal rights advocates, nutritionists to models, meet the compassionate humans who are getting involved in Be Kind to Animals Week.

Pam Ahern
Peter Siddle
DJ Tigerlily
Nella Trainor

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Australasia's Kindest Pignic!

Spread the kindness

Help raise funds for your favourite animal charity by hosting a plant-based pignic (or picnic!) – in person or virtually – with your family, friends or work colleagues.


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