Join us October 1-7 and help make the world kinder.

All animals need and deserve kindness, regardless of how they look… and it all begins with you! Take our fun pledge and get free inspiring tips and recipes, plus go in the draw to win a hamper. 


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Because Life is Better with Kindness
Everyone loves animals
It’s easy to be kind
Being kind feels good

Why Be Kind?

Because it’s good for you, the animals, and the world! A simple act of kindness can change an animal’s life for the better, and there are so many benefits for your body and the soul. Everyone’s a winner!


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Meet our furry, feathered and finned friends whose lives have been transformed by kindness. These are the lucky ones, but with you on board there can be many more!


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Kindness Tips

There are so many ways we can make the world better for animals!
Ditch single use plastic, recycle, and compost food waste.
Share social media posts from your favourite animal charity to help spread the word. And don't forget to spread the word about Be Kind to Animals Week!
Leave water out for wildlife (and place sticks in it for insects to be able to escape).
Sign a petition for a cause you believe in.
Say no to entertainment and tourism that exploits animals.
Report animal abuse. Call the Australia-wide Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1800 751 770.
Donate to your favourite animal charity.
Provide enrichment to your companion animals through playing games, providing toys, walking them, reading and talking to them. If you don’t have an animal, ask a neighbour if you can share this kindness with their furred or feathered friend!
Learn more about animals through books, documentaries and educational resources.
Keep an animal rescue kit in your car in case you find injured wildlife.
Eat kind by dining on delicious plant-based meals. Cutting out animal products like meat, dairy and eggs is easier than you might think! Make the pledge for recipe inspiration.
Shop kind by not buying clothes, cosmetics or items that use or test on animals.
Arrange a fundraiser for your favourite charity, such as a plant-based bake sale or vegan BBQ.
Email or write a letter to your MP or local newspaper about an animal welfare issue you care about.
Check on an elderly neighbour, or visit a nursing home or aged care facility. And if you can’t visit, call or write them a letter. We are part of the animal kingdom too!
Plant a native tree or create a pollinator garden to provide a habitat for local wildlife and bees.
Join an advocacy group or animal rights group.
Learn animal first aid so you’re able to help in an emergency.
Organise a local beach, park or waterway clean-up to help marine life and wildlife.
Volunteer at a local animal charity.
Foster or adopt an animal in need from a shelter or sanctuary.


Enjoy a range of fun resources for kids just in time for school holidays! Enter our colouring competition, watch a virtual story time, learn fun animal facts and more. Or download our shareable images, flyers and posters to help spread the word.


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Human Ambassadors

From athletes to animal rights advocates, nutritionists to models, meet the compassionate humans who are getting involved in Be Kind to Animals Week.

Pam Ahern
Richie Kul
DJ Tigerlily
Nella Trainor

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