Meet the inspiring animals, compassionate humans and participating libraries who are involved in Be Kind to Animals Week.


Our furry, feathered and finned friends whose lives have been transformed by the kindness of people just like you!
Vet Nurse Ruby
When Ruby failed her sheep dog training, her human decided she was worthless and took her to a friend's property to shoot her. But something in Ruby’s pleading eyes pierced his soul, and he decided to find a kinder option for her.

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Miss Chief
The day the newly born Miss Chief rolled out the back of a truck that was slaughterhouse- bound was to be both her most terrifying and fortuitous.

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Clarabelle & Valentine
Living on a dairy farm, every baby Clarabelle had was taken away shortly after birth so her milk could be taken for humans. When pregnant Clarabelle was rescued and brought to sanctuary, she hid her calf, determined this one would finally be 'hers'.

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Leo Tolstoy
Found huddled by the side of the road near an abattoir, tiny Leo was bundled up by a kind heart. Finding sanctuary and care for his fractured skull, this charming little chap was soon able to show off his big personality.

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Finn had been swimming when he became entangled in an illegal fishing net set by poachers. After struggling for hours, Finn finally felt the hands of a Sea Shepherd crew member fighting to free him.

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Brad Pit
When a kangaroo fell down a mineshaft, his desperate attempts to escape were futile. But wildlife rescuers soon came to his rescue.

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Leon Trotsky
When Leon was a tiny piglet in a pig farm, his injured mother fell on him, crushing his hind limbs but not his determination to live. A tiny cart was built to help him explore his world.

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Red Baron
Born a male in the egg industry, Red Baron was gassed, frozen and sold as snake food. Somehow he survived and found sanctuary, and the endearing rooster also found his happy place on the shoulder of his favourite human.

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From athletes to animal rights advocates, nutritionists to models, here are our human ambassadors for Be Kind to Animals Week.
Pam Ahern
Edgar’s Mission Founder & Director.
“As a wee tot, I can still remember my mum whispering “be kind” as my hand stretched out to pet our family cat, Tiny. Sage words that still guide my hand and heart today, reminding that every being who treads, swims or flies upon this earth wants, needs and responds to kindness. Because although they may look different on the outside, inside we are all the same.”
Lyn White
Director of Strategy, Animals Australia.
“Kindness to animals is a natural state of being and human expression. When we consciously peel back the layers of inherited thinking, we inevitably find the deepest, heartfelt desire to protect animals from harm. They are our ‘fellow travellers’, here to experience life on earth with us. It is no coincidence that their lives and our lives are enriched through the power and beauty of human kindness.”
DJ Tigerlily
Aka Dara Hayes DJ, Producer and Animal Rights Activist.
“I have learnt that animals are just like us and just as deserving of kindness. Switching to a plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle was the best decision I have ever made. It gives me a sense of purpose and direction. It is empowering to be a voice for the voiceless and to live a life that is causing no cruelty or harm to other beings. It costs nothing to be kind.”
Richie Kul
Actor, Model and Animal Activist.
“Many of us say we love animals and that we value peace, compassion and non-violence. Let’s well and truly mean it by going vegan and aligning our actions with our values.”
Jet Tranter
Actor & Martial Artist
“For me it started with a week of kindness, which led to a month and a few more. I soon realised it wasn’t as hard as I thought! Doing good felt good. When I see an animal now I see a friend not food. Sometimes a small step in the right direction is all you need to change your world and theirs."
Tammy Fry
Fry's Family Foods Director & Plant Based Nutritionist.
“I love all animals… not only the ones that have been given names. We are born with compassion and yet our food choices don’t always align with our deepest and truest values. I live my life trying to support people on their journey to a more conscious life, one that does not contribute to animal suffering and one that brings a deep sense of happiness, wellness and innate alignment.”
Nella Trainor
Kindness Ambassador.
"For me, it doesn’t matter if it has four legs or a tail, it is important to be kind to every kind no matter what. Being vegan has helped me realise the existence of humans and how much we impact the earth for all living things. I am proud that my food is grown not born. We have all the tools to make the changes needed. I hope to inspire the younger generation for a more kinder future."
Martin Dingle Wall
“If we were lucky we were raised with a dog, cat, or other animal companion. These are the best friends of our childhoods. When I lost my first dog it was a sadness unsurpassed. He was my family and yet a different species. This is our first relationship to the animal kingdom. We know the love they awaken in us, and we know their capacity to feel our emotions.”
Anna Weatherlake
Animal Rights Advocate & Eco Warrior.
“The need for kindness and compassion has never been greater. Raising awareness on the plight of all animals, not just those we call our pets, is something I have always felt passionately about. Animals bring so much joy, happiness and love to our everyday existence. Please respect them, appreciate them, but most of all, be kind to them.”
Marieke Hardy
Writer, Radio and TV Presenter.
“Our beautiful animal friends teach us so many important things - how to love fully, how to be present, how to take pleasure in the simple, perfect moments in life. Kindness towards them should be innate within us all.”
Helena Legend
DJ, Producer & Fashion Designer.
"I am a huge animal lover and I came to realise, most of us were brought up to value farm animals less than other animals, which is wrong. Animals are not our food, clothing, bags and cosmetics. Being vegan over 7 years, I know a kinder life is the best way to live for the animals, the environment and your own health, it’s all connected."
Jess and Stef Dadon
Founders of vegan footwear label TWOOBS
"Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. By treating animals kindly and with respect, by advocating for their rights through what we put on our plates and the products we buy, we feel empowered and hopeful that we’re moving towards a world in which everyone is kind to animals."
Shae Holden
Animal Behaviouralist
"Whether it is an elephant, bear, big cat, piglet or a dog, all of the animals I have encountered over the years thrive when they are treated with kindness and respect. It is truly remarkable to see an animal show you that they trust you and want to be a part of whatever it is you are doing or asking of them. This is a partnership that can push past many boundaries with endless benefits to all involved."
Kat John
Authenticity Coach
"It is my hope that more and more people will open up their hearts and treat all animals with the love, kindness and care they deserve. I truly believe that deep in our hearts, we know right from wrong. We know the truth of what actually matters. If more people stopped, listened and acted upon their hearts, they'd see the sentient being inside the animal and make different choices."

Participating Libraries

Visit your local participating library in Australia to check out their themed displays and activities (please check first for any COVID lockdown restrictions).


Goldfield Libraries
Bendigo, Heathcote, Kangaroo Flat, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Eaglehawk, Gisborne, Romsey and Woodend
Hobsons Bay Libraries
Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North, Newport Community Hub, Williamstown
Maryborough Regional Library
91 Nolan St, Maryborough
Melton City Libraries
31 McKenzie Street, Melton
Monash Public Library Service
Clayton, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Oakleigh and Wheelers Hill
Moreland City Libraries
Brunswick, Campbell Turnbull, Coburg, Fawkner, Glenroy
Morington Peninsula Libraries
Mornington, Rosebud, Hastings and Somerville
Swan Hill Regional Library
53 Campbell Street, Swan Hill VIC
Whitehorse Manningham Libraries
Blackburn, Box Hill, Bulleen, Doncaster, Nunawading, The Pines, Vermont South and Warrandyte
Wimmera Regional Libraries
Edenhope, Goroke, Harrow, Horsham, Horsham and Kaniva
Yarra Libraries
Abbotsford, Carlton North, Fitzroy, North Fitzroy and Richmond


Burra Community Library
7 Bridge Tce, Burra SA
Enfield Library
1 Kensington Crescent, Enfield SA
Greenacres Library
2 Fosters Rd, Greenacres SA
Parks Library
46 Trafford St, Angle Park SA
Port Adelaide Library
2-4 Church St, Port Adelaide SA
Semaphore Library
14 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore SA


Amherst Library
2 Holmes St, Southern River WA
Carnarvon Library
18 Egan St, Carnarvon WA
City of Joondalup Libraries
Duncraig, Joondalup, Whitford and Woodvale WA
City of Rockingham Libraries
Mary Davies Library, Rockingham Central, Safety Bay and Warnbro WA
City of Stirling Libraries
Dianella, Inglewood, Karrinyup, Mirrabooka, Osborne and Scarborough WA
Dandaragan Public Libraries
Jurien Bay, Carvantes and Dandaragan WA
Denmark Public Library
34A Strickland St, Denmark WA
Gnowangerup Public Library
47 Yougenup Road, Gnowangerup WA
Kwinana Public Library
Cnr Robbos Way & Chisham Ave, Kwinana Town Centre WA
Nannup Public Library
15 Adam St, Nannup WA
Ruth Faulkner Library
213 Wright Street, Cloverdale WA
Shire of Augusta Margaret River Libraries
Margaret River and Augusta, WA
Victoria Park Library
27 Sussex St, East Victoria Park WA
Wanneroo Library Service
Wanneroo, Clarkson and Girrawheen, WA