His story

Finn, an oceanic blue shark, had been swimming freely when he became entangled in an illegal fishing net set by poachers.

After struggling for hours, Finn had all but exhausted himself until he felt the hands of a Sea Shepherd crew member fighting to free him.

When Finn was eventually released, he thanked his rescuer with a little kiss on her finger.

Finn now swims happily in the ocean as one of the lucky ones.

The Truth

Behind Seafood

Commercial fishing kills a range of marine animals. 

Trawling, where nets grind over the bottom of the ocean, is one of the most common methods of commercial fishing – and it is deadly for hundreds of different life forms.

Aside from capturing the intended fish they aim to catch, they also capture other marine animals such as dolphins, sharks, turtles and seabirds. Known as “bycatch”, these unwitting animals are then tossed back into the sea dead or dying.

Fish can feel pain.

Because fish can’t show pain through behaviours that are recognisable to human such as crying out, this doesn’t mean they cannot feel it.

Fish have nerve structures similar to humans, which means that hooks impact on these pain specific nerve endings.


You Can Help

Create a Kinder World for Fish!

The simplest way to help fish like Finn is to leave them off your plate. And with so many delicious alternatives to seafood these days, it’s never been easier!

When you make the pledge for Be Kind to Animals Week, you’ll get a free Kindness Kit and delicious plant-based recipes to help get you started.

Because no matter what animals look like, they all need and deserve kindness.