Leon Trotsky

The Pig... The Legend!

Once destined for the dinner table, in a sad and ironic twist, the accident that both caused his injury and claimed the lives of his two siblings was to become his saving grace.

When Leon’s injured mother fell on Leon, his hind limbs were crushed, but this failed to crush his determination to live.

Things could not have looked much grimmer for the wee chap, but no one told the plucky little Leon that! His life was precious, and his screams loud, piercing not only the ears but the heart of a kindly neighbour, who stepped in to seek a better outcome for Leon.

Once ensconced at Edgar’s Mission, Leon was fitted with a tiny customised wheelchair that enabled him to catch up with his zest for life, whilst allowing his injured hind legs to heal. And he did not waste any time making the most of his newly found mobility, causing his carers to rush around after him as he took to the sanctuary paths with gusto!

Sadly, for many piglets on commercial pig farms across the country who suffer injuries like dear Leon, their fate is grim. But we think Leon Trotsky is priceless, as we are sure you will agree.

Years on, our not-so-little porcine pal has happily made a full recovery and no longer needs his rad wheels.

Leon now spends his days basking in the sunshine alongside his piggy friend Thumbelina, relaxing in his wallow, relishing his favourite foods, and being an Ambassador for Kindness!



The Truth

Behind Bacon

Did you know pigs are thought to be smarter than some dogs?

They have engaging personalities, enjoy good food and the sun, seek out companionship, love their babies and desperately try to protect their own lives.

Yet in Australia, pigs are not protected from acts of cruelty as are our beloved dogs and cats.

This is simply because society has determined a different “use” for them.

Female pigs in factory farms are treated as breeding machines, enduring a cycle of suffering and deprivation. Each year, thousands of pregnant pigs are kept in tiny metal individual ‘sow stalls’ inside sheds. Kept continually pregnant and severely confined, they are forced to stand or lie on hard floors. It is these animals who produce the piglets destined to become bacon, ham and pork products.

As a result, these gentle and intelligent creatures develop physical and psychological problems that see them “worn out” before their time.

They are then sent to slaughter.

Sows are extremely maternal and they will spend many hours making a nest for their piglets. But sadly in factory farming mother pigs have nearly all of their natural instincts frustrated.

Just prior to giving birth they are moved to ‘farrowing crates’, an even smaller area where their body is encircled by metal bars to even further limit their movement. With no straw for bedding, mother pigs must give birth to their piglets on a hard floor.

Nurturing and interacting with her young is impossible as the metal frame imprisons her. Her young are removed after 3 or 4 weeks – an earlier age than would occur naturally – and she is impregnated again, and the cycle of suffering and deprivation continues.

But you can help to create a kinder world for pigs – read on for how!

You Can Help

Create a Kinder World for Pigs!

The simplest way to help pigs like Leon Trotsky is to leave them off your plate. And with so many delicious alternatives to bacon, pork and ham these days, it’s never been easier!

When you make the pledge for Be Kind to Animals Week, you’ll get a free Kindness Kit and delicious plant-based recipes to help get you started.

Because no matter what animals look like, they all need and deserve kindness.