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Welcome to Be Kind to Animals Week 2016
Be Kind to Animals Week (1–7 October) is a time to empower students to think critically and ethically about our relationship with other animals.
Last year, thousands of students took part in the Be Kind to Animals Week school competition by choosing a project that explored the theme of animal rights and welfare.

School Project Theme for 2016: Sentience

This year’s theme is Sentience. Students can choose a project that focuses on animals raised for human use, such as in food production, entertainment and animal testing. For ideas you can download a free BKTAW Resource KitStudents are invited to submit their projects online before 31st October 2016. These can be done anytime from now until October, during school hours or over the holidays. Projects can be done individually, as a school team, or as a class. To enter, simply visit and upload a short video or photo of your project.
Entrants may submit as many projects as they like and will receive a special certificate acknowledging their efforts.

How to use the BKTAW Resource kit
The BKTAW Resource Kit includes educational project ideas, lesson plans and worksheets to help your students celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week. The lesson plans included are aligned to the National Curriculum for F–10 Science and English. They are specifically designed to cover this year’s Sentience theme and provide the perfect starting point for students to begin exploring the issue of animal rights and welfare. It is recommended that students complete one of the lessons from this kit before starting their projects. This will prepare them with some of the skills and knowledge required to get the most out of their learning experience.