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BKTAW colouring-in contest

Click to download your colouring- in contest sheet, print it out and make it beautiful!!  The contest will continue to run until Oct. 31!  Then on 1 November, Pam, the founder and director of Edgar’s Mission as well as the instigator of Be Kind To Animals Week (in Australia) will have the hard job of choosing the winner of an Edgar’s Mission Calendar!

Good luck!!






Be Kind to Animals Week School Competition 2016
Be Kind to Animals Week (1–7 October) is a time to empower students to think critically and ethically about our relationship with other animals.   Last year, thousands of students took part in the Be Kind to Animals Week school competition by choosing a project that explored the theme of animal rights and welfare.

School Project Theme for 2016: Sentience
This year’s theme is Sentience. Students can choose a project that focuses on animals raised for human use, such as in food production, entertainment and animal testing. For ideas you can download a free BKTAW Resource KitStudents are invited to submit their projects online before 31st October 2016. These can be done anytime from now until October, during school hours or over the holidays. Projects can be done individually, as a school team, or as a class. To enter, simply visit and upload a short video or photo of your project.
Entrants may submit as many projects as they like and will receive a special certificate acknowledging their efforts.


Sunday October 2nd, 2016

Meet the Sanctuary donkeys and hear their stories. Learn how donkeys have helped mankind for thousands of years. Enjoy a fun day out in the country. A day not to be missed in the glorious
green rolling hills of the Upper Hunter Valley! As an extra treat, a special display of miniature goats has been arranged courtesy of Petite Bleat. Download our event flyer.

Come for lunch, of just have a cuppa with us. Details and bookings via the on-line SHOP or phone us on 02 4996 5596. Clarence Town, NSW   2321

Thanks Jan and Pam!

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church ELTHAM, holds an annual service of Blessing of the Animals. This year it is to be held on Sunday 9th October 2016, at 10am. Pam Ahern from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary has been invited to speak. The service is planned to attract families with children in a range of ages, adults and it involves participation. Those attending bring their own pets to be blessed by the church clergy.

The collection of money received will be donated to Edgar’s Mission.


Be Constructive


Jasmine's Calender

Thanks Jasmine!
“This is the calendar that 11 year old Jasmine made for kids to help their local RSPCA shelter”


Thanks Renee!
“My neighbour and I are building a shelter for their sheep.  We want them to be protected from the wind, rain and hot sun.”

Get Dirty
Thanks Meg and Brian
“My husband and I are going to plant some butterfly bushes and other wildlife-friendly plants in our garden.  We invite all creatures to enjoy a meal on us!”


Spread the Word


Thanks Edge Kid Life School!
“We have sent away for a Kindness Kit and plan on making the all of October a Be Kind To Animals Week!”

australian-educationresoursesThanks Education Australia Resource !

Thank you for putting Be Kind to Animals Week on your calendar!
“Be Kind to Animals Week takes place during the first week of October every year. Be Kind to Animals Week asks us to do one thing during the week to make an animal’s life better by: getting involved in an event, doing something kind for an animal in your life, raising awareness of an issue involving animals, assisting those who help animals or partaking in conscious consumerism by purchasing free range products. Be Kind to Animals Week is an initiative of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.”

logo_kingston_headerThanks Kingston Library!
Be Kind to Animals Week is about inspiring and empowering everyone to take positive actions for animal welfare and protection.

Check out our booklist below, involving picture books, novels and non-fiction, all regarding animal welfare and human behaviours towards animals. Something for all ages, animal lovers and activists alike.

Thanks Liz!
“I’m lucky enough to have my birthday right in the middle of BKTAW, so on that day, I’ll be taking in a cruelty free afternoon tea for my workmates, to show them just how easy it is to make kind food choices.


Thanks Tracey!
“I am a trainee vet nurse and yesterday there was a lady who is very poor (legitimately poor) who has a kelpie x dog who is around 13 years of age and needs treatment for his “back end” each week. It doesn’t cost a lot, around $20/week, I’m going to pay for this boy’s treatment the week of “Be Kind to Animals Week”. I don’t expect others to “pay” from their own pocket for things like this, but it might encourage others to maybe take the person’s pet for a little walk or even spend time with it whilst the person is at work (the person only gets 12 hours a week of work) so the dog has company. Or something similar to this. Thanks for a great program and encouraging ideas. I know there are lots of other things people can do – like don’t buy that extra drink or fancy ice cream, spend the money (on fuel) and head to the local Shire or Council and ask the Rangers if you can take one of the animals in the pound out for a walk, there are lots of things you can do.”

Thanks Bryan!
“My coworkers and I are asking our customers to donate their change for our local cat rescue group.”

Thanks Gloria!

“My family and I always buy an extra bag of cat food for the food drive at the front of our Safeway.”

Make Your Kindness Count

Thanks Animals Australia UNLEASHED!unleashed

5 easy ways to be kind this week…






anglican-parish-of-woodend-trnthamThanks Rev. Mel!
St Mary’s Anglican Church will be holding a Pets service and parish picnic on Sunday 9th October at 11am. Bring along your best furry, feathered or finned friend (Teddy bears are also welcome) for a our celebration of St Frances’ Day.

15 Buckland St, Woodend VIC. Download our flyer and please call for more details.